THE UNCLE SAM SLAM - Ages 9u - 18u
Tournament Dates: 07/04/19 - 07/07/19
Age Group(s) and Cost:  18U ($900.00) , 17U ($900.00) , 16U ($900.00) , 15U ($800.00) , 14U (60/90) ($525.00) ,

This is our Annual July 4th Event for 2018 -- the Top July4th Tourney in NE Ohio.  Last year this event was the Continental Cup and in previous years it was the Top Gun Classic -- Summer Series Tournaments now has the Top Gun name and this event is not to be confused with that tourney.  
Over the last 15 years under the event name Top Gun Classic and Continental Cup hosted by Team Sports we have had over 100 teams participate annually.  This is our 16th year hosting a July 4th event and teams continually return to NE Ohio to play in The Team Sports Tournaments July 4th Tourney -- no matter what name we use --- You will like the Uncle Sam Slam !!!

The 9U - 13U age groups will have a 3 game minimum with half of the teams playing 4 or more games.
  Umpire fees are included in the entry fee. Teams will be required to supply game balls -- 1 new and 1 used to start each game - they will be returned.  Games will be played at Barberton's Foundation Field Baseball Complex , First Energy - Patterson Park Baseball Complex and JEDD Park in Akron.
The 14u age group will have a 3 game minimum with most teams playing 4 to 5 games --  Umpire fees are included in your entry fees – teams will supply baseballs for each game.
The 15U - 18U age groups will have a 4 game minimum with many teams playing 5 or more games - Games will be played at fantastic host sites - College Fields and Top local High School Fields in the Akron / Canton / Cleveland area -- we will have the use of turf fields so understand metal spikes are not permitted on turf fields.  Individual and Team Trophies for 1st and 2nd place.

Note - This is a stay to play event -- meaning if you plan to use local hotels you must work through our Lodging Partner - Team Inn. Please click the button below to book your hotel room with Team Inn.  Please visit our Hotels page for more details regarding our lodging policy. 

Teams Registered:

Teams Registered for 2019

14U 60/90

Mashfactory Baseball Club
Northern Ohio Hurricanes - WT
Stark County Terriers
Brownlee lookouts - Dalton
Force Ohio - Goodrum


Akron A's 
Aces Elite - Perretta
Mashfactory Baseball Club
Midwest Stars - Carmichael
Midwest Stars - Knox
Premier Ohio Currie
Premier Ohio - Abella
PA Redhawks
Lake Erie Warhawks - Ferber
IVL Baseball
Release Baseball
Brownlee Lookouts - Eversole
Brownlee Lookouts - Brownlee
Ohio Steel - 14u
Bombers Showcase
Strongsville Stingrays
Pittsburgh Sliders
Ohio Spiders
Spikes Baseball - Marko
Players i Bulls
Force Ohio - Murphy


Midwest Stars - North
T3 Rays - Popio
B2 Bulls
Andy's 9ers
UA Force Ohio
Ohio Glaciers
Glen Oak
Wooster Golden Gloves - Franks
Lake Erie Warhawks - Bliss
Brownlee Lookouts - May
Wooster Golden Gloves - Moses
Diamond Hit Club
Jackson Bears
Force Ohio - Carosielli
Steel City Select
UA Force Ohio - 15u
Bombers Showcase

17U / 18U

Stark County Terriers
Ohio Elite Beahn
Mashfactory Baseball Club - 17u
B2 Bulls
Force Ohio - Nordquist
Ohio Hitmen
Glen Oak
New Philadelphia Black Sox
Ohio Spiders
Canton McKinley Baseball
Stallions Baseball Club
Mashfactory Baseball Club - 18u
Lake Erie Warhawks - Jossey
Aces Elite 17u
Black Tigers  Baseball
Force Ohio - Huffman
Ohio Longhorns
CBF Kids