THE UNCLE SAM SLAM - Ages 14u - 18u
Tournament Dates: 07/02/20 - 07/05/20
Age Group(s) and Cost:  18U ($950.00) , 17U ($950.00) , 16U ($950.00) , 15U ($850.00) , 14U (60/90) ($575.00) ,

This is our Annual July 4th Event for 2020 -- the Top July 4th Tourney in NE Ohio.  
This is our 18th year hosting a July 4th event and teams continually return to NE Ohio to play in The Team Sports Tournaments July 4th Tourney.  
In 2020 this event will fall during a dead period for College Coaches.  That dead period is July3 -5 meaning that the Thursday and Friday games WILL be scouted.   Remember - Good Players and Good Teams attract the Scouts !!!

NO GATES FEES FOR THIS EVENT  and College Umpires for the 16u , 17u, and 18u games.   We'll let you supply the game balls and save your parents and fans the hassle of a gate fee !! You can choose to pay higher entry fees and also pay gate fees ( sometimes even cooler fees ) with the other tourneys in the area -- Or Play in our Event.  We are the longest running Tournament Host Company in NE Ohio.  
Ages 15u - 18u will play 4 game minumum with most teams getting 5 -6 games.  The 14u age group will have a 3 game minimum.  The 15u to 18u teams will start on Thursday.  The 14u age group will have a 3 game minimum with most teams playing 4 to 5 games --14u teams will start on Friday.  
Games will be played at fantastic host sites - College Fields and Top local High School Fields in the Akron / Canton / Cleveland area -- we will have the use of several turf fields so understand metal spikes are not permitted on turf fields.  Individual and Team Trophies for 1st and 2nd place.

Note - This is a stay to play event -- meaning if you plan to use local hotels you must work through our Lodging Partner - Team Inn. Please click the button below to book your hotel room with Team Inn.  Please visit our Hotels page for more details regarding our lodging policy. 

Teams Registered:

These Teams Played in  2019

14U 60/90

Mashfactory Baseball Club
Northern Ohio Hurricanes - WT
Stark County Terriers
Brownlee lookouts - Dalton
Force Ohio - Goodrum


Akron A's 
Aces Elite - Perretta
Mashfactory Baseball Club
Midwest Stars - Carmichael
Midwest Stars - Knox
Premier Ohio Currie
Premier Ohio - Abella
PA Redhawks
Lake Erie Warhawks - Ferber
IVL Baseball
Release Baseball
Brownlee Lookouts - Eversole
Brownlee Lookouts - Brownlee
Ohio Steel - 14u
Bombers Showcase
Strongsville Stingrays
Pittsburgh Sliders
Ohio Spiders
Spikes Baseball - Marko
Players i Bulls
Force Ohio - Murphy


Midwest Stars - North
T3 Rays - Popio
B2 Bulls
Andy's 9ers
UA Force Ohio
Ohio Glaciers
Glen Oak
Wooster Golden Gloves - Franks
Lake Erie Warhawks - Bliss
Brownlee Lookouts - May
Wooster Golden Gloves - Moses
Diamond Hit Club
Jackson Bears
Force Ohio - Carosielli
Steel City Select
UA Force Ohio - 15u
Bombers Showcase

17U / 18U

Stark County Terriers
Ohio Elite Beahn
Mashfactory Baseball Club - 17u
B2 Bulls
Force Ohio - Nordquist
Ohio Hitmen
Glen Oak
New Philadelphia Black Sox
Ohio Spiders
Canton McKinley Baseball
Stallions Baseball Club
Mashfactory Baseball Club - 18u
Lake Erie Warhawks - Jossey
Aces Elite 17u
Black Tigers  Baseball
Force Ohio - Huffman
Ohio Longhorns
CBF Kids