BUCKEYE CLASSIC - Ages 9u - 18u
Tournament Dates: 06/04/20 - 06/07/20
Age Group(s) and Cost:  9U ($400.00) , 10U ($400.00) , 11U ($495.00) , 12U ($495.00) , 13U ($495.00) , 14U (60/90) ($575.00) , 15U ($850.00) , 16U ($950.00) , 18U ($950.00) ,

NO GATES FEES FOR THIS EVENT  and College Umpires for the 16u , 17u, and 18u games. You can choose to pay higher entry fees and also pay gate fees ( sometimes even cooler fees ) with the other tourneys in the area -- Or Play in our Event.  We are the longest running Tournament Host Company in NE Ohio.  You play at the same outstanding facilities -- play solid competition -- and save your parents the headache of paying to see their kids play.  All that and still have the same college scouts attend the games that the other events advertise.  Our reputation and the returning teams year after year tell you one thing -- We Do A Good Job !!!!
Ages 11u - 13u will have a 3 game minimum with half the teams playing 4 or more games.  We will play these games in Akron / Canton area.   Your entry fee will cover the umpire fees --- Teams will supply game balls – 1 new and 1 used to start each game. 
Ages 14u - 18u will also have a 3 game minimum with most teams playing 4 or more games. We understand that many players are still in school limiting the ability to play during the day on Friday - so play will begin Thursday - June 1st and Friday June 2nd at 4pm -- teams neeed to be prepared to play at this time.  We will play on College Fields and the Top High School Facilities in the area. Note - some fields are turf ( Jackson HS , Louisville HS , Hawken HS ) and will not allow metal spikes.   
The entry fee covers your umpire fees -- Teams wil supply game balls -- they will be returned at the end of the game.

Note - This is a stay to play event -- meaning if you plan to use local hotels you must work through our Lodging Partner - Team Inn. Please click the button below to book your hotel room with Team Inn.  Please visit our Hotels page for more details regarding our lodging policy. 

Teams Registered:

Teams Registered for 2019


Legends Baseball
Midwest Stars
Kenston Blue
Spikes Baseball - Ecrement
Ohio Spiders - 10u


Ohio Elite - Miletti
Sandusky Bay Scrappers
Roth Bros
Spikes Baseball - Davis
Ohio Spiders - White


B2 Bulls
IVL Baseball
Dover Tornadoes
Ohio Stallions

14U - Sold Out

Midwest Stars
Premier Ohio Szalai
Force Ohio - Dalton
Release Baseball
Brownlee Lookouts - Davis
Spikes Baseball
Northen Ohio Hurricanes
Ohio Glaciers - Dobson


Midwest Stars
Ohio Rack Baseball
Premier Ohio - Bach
Lake Erie Warhawks - Kutrubs
Force Ohio - Murphy
Bombers Showcase
PA Redhawks
Brownlee Lookouts - Eversole
Force Ohio - Mark
Brownlee Lookouts - Hederson
Manchester As
Spikes Baseball
Ohio Prime
Ohio Spiders


B.A.T. Cage Bulldogs
B2 Bulls
Ohio Glaciers - Cooper
UA Force Ohio - Gribble
Glen Oak Eagles
Ohio Glaciers - Serigiese
Ohio Skyhawks
Force Ohio - Ratica
PLX Mud Cats
Bombers Showcase
Wooster Golden Gloves - Moses
Force Ohio - Carosielli
Brownlee Lookouts - May
Aces Elite - Guscoff
Wooster Golden Gloves - Franks
Jackson Bears
Spikes Baseball


B2 Bulls
Glen Oak Eagles
Aces Elite 17u
Ohio Mavericks
Premier Ohio - Szalai
Solon Stampede
Manchester A's
Ohio Glaciers 17u
Force Ohio - Huffman
IVL Baseball
Ohio Spiders
Steel City Spartans
Spikes Baseball - King
FGorce Ohio - Ianiro
e80 Iron Pigs