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Team Sports Tournaments is an Independent Youth Baseball Tournament Host Company located in North East Ohio.  In 2003 Dianthia and Mark Hoisington began hosting baseball tournaments in the Akron area so they could have their sons play competitive baseball events close to home.  From those beginning tournaments in 2003 to now Team Sports has become one of the Top Youth Baseball Tournament Hosts in the State of Ohio as well as the Midwest.  As we begin our 18th year of operation, our mission remains the same as when we started -- Host a Baseball Event that we would want our kids to participate in by providing an enjoyable, but competitive tournament experience for teams of All Competitive Levels -- this includes the Community Team as well as the Major Travel Organization.  When you finish the weekend ( whether you won or lost ) we want you to say our team had a great experience - the tournament was well organized, had timely communication, was played at quality facilities with fair and qualified umpires.  The reputation we at Team Sports Tournaments have gained over the past 18 years has allowed us to attract the top teams in all ages and all divisions from Ohio, the Midwest, East Coast, and Canada - with repeat customers year after year and event after event.  We say Thank You to all of the Teams that have supported our Tournaments in the past, and we look forward to another Great Baseball Season in 2021.


Tournament News

Welcome to our Mothers Day Weekend Event - Droppin Bombs for Mom --- Nations Baseball State Qualifier - May 7-9 , 2021 - Akron / Canton

Welcome to a rainy Friday -- we ony have 2 games scheduled for this evening - both on turf @ Sprtszone so we should be good to go.  Check back at 3pm for a final call - information will be posted below under the field sites.

Note -- You can find the Schedules on the Schedule / Results page for Droppin Bombs for Mom - find the tournament name to the left - look to the right of the tournament name and find the Schedule / Results icon. Click on that icon to take you to the Tournament page for Schedules / Results -- find your age group and click there.

ANNOUNCEMENT - We have an announcement to make for this year -- we have hired a veteran Tournament Director with 30 years experience to be our man behind the laptop this year.  Frank Konya will be handling the minute to minute activities once the event begins on Saturday  - Scores , Seedings , and Rules issues will fall under his direction.  This hire will give myself and Dianthia more time to get out of  the house and visit the sites.  Frank will be your Tournament Director this weekend - you can reach him at 216-215-8117 or email at boys13west@aol.com.  Please go to him for all your questions during the tournament.

Friday - May 7 -- first update at 3pm

Sportszone Baseball Complex - 2484 W State St, Alliance, OH 44601
Field 1 - update at 3pm
Field 2 - update at 3pm
Note –  These are TURF FIELDS.  That being said metal spikes are NOT allowed.  Players must use turf shoes – rubber or molded spikes or tennis shoes.  Also NO Glass , NO Seeds , NO Gum.  If you are caught breaking any of these rules your team will forfeit and pay for the repair of the fields.
There will be a $5 gate fee charged here 
Concessions are available

Welcome to the North Coast Community Classic - April 30 - May 1 , 2021

We had a rough start on Friday evening with the rain but the rest of the weekend shaped up nicely and we had Sunny Skies and 80 Degrees for Championship Sunday as 50 teams squared off for some great games in bracket play

Here are our 2021 North Coast Community Classic Champions and Finalists...

9u Champion - Lake Storm 13

9u Runner up - Diamond Boys 10

10u Champion - North Royalton Bears 10

10u Runner up - Jackson Gold 4

11u Champion - Louisville Leopards 12

11u Runner up - Eagles of Holly Hills 3

12u Champion - Dover Tornadoes 4

12u Runner up -  Jackson Bears 1

13u Champion - Blackhawk Cougars 11

13u Runner up - Eagles of Holly Hills 1

14u Champion - Tri County Curve

14u Runner up - Mount Vernon Orange Sox 0 




Welcome to the Muddy Diamonds Classic -- April 24 - 25 - Youngstown

Another Successful April Event with 60 teams entered this weekend.  Most Importantly we were able to get ALL the games in.  A big shoutout to all the field crews getting the facilities ready on Sunday Morning after that Sat. Night rain.  We had some big time teams in for this weekend which led to some great bracket play games.

Here are our 2021 Muddy Diamonds Classic Champions and Finalists...

9u Champion - Beaver Valley Red 9

9u Runner up- Pittsburgh Outlaws 5

10u Champion - Beaver Valley Red 15

10u Runner up- Pittsburgh Diamond Dawgs Gold 8

11u Champion - Beaver Valley Red 12

11u Runner up- Pittsburgh Diamond Dawgs Gold 8

12u Champion - Pittsburgh Diamond Dawgs Gold 11

12u Runner up- Ohio Glaciers - Gabriel 6

13u Champion - Beaver Valley Red 10

13u Runner up- Brownlee Lookouts - Wade 1

14u Champion - Beaver Valley Red 28

14u Runner up- Astro Falcons 10

Welcome to the Team Sports Opening Day Classic -- April 16 - 18 /  Alliance / Canton

What a great start to the year.  We had 58 teams entered for this Mid April Tournament that covered ages 9u - 14u.  That is a record turnout for our Opening Day Classic and most important the weather didn't disappoint.  It was a little cool both mornings and we avoided the rain late Sunday so all-in-all a great success.  And for the most part there was a some pretty good baseball played.   Congratulations to all teams on a fine effort this weekend! Thank you to all the field workers as well. 

Here are the 2021 Team Sports Opening Day Classic Champions and Finalists ...

9u Champion -      Astro Falcons 5

9u Runner Up -     Jackson Gold 4

10u Champion -   Knights Baseball 6

10u Runner up -  Ohio Spikes 5

11u Champion -  Akadema Naturals 13

11u Runner up -  Jefferson County Elite 7

12u Champion -  Brownlee Lookouts 3

12u Runner up - 1848 Dawgs 1

13u Champion -  Fielders Choice 12

13u Runner up - Brownlee Lookouts 2

14u Champion - Brownlee Lookouts 23
14u Runner up - Astro Falcons 4

Thank You for the overwhelming support to date for our Spring & Summer 2021 Events.  We have many Age Groups within Tournaments that are close to being Sold Out.  If you are thinking about registering it might be a good time to get that registration in to protect your spot.  You can Register by clicking the blue  "click here for details" button on the Regisering for 20201 Banner or going to the Tournament Page for the event and clicking the Orange Register Now at the bottom of the page.
You can see WHO IS COMING by clicking on the Tournament Name to the left - that will get you to the Tournament Page.

Tournaments of Note --
We have a Nations Baseball State Qualifier ( May 7-9 ) and a USSSA State Qualifier ( May 21-23 ) if you are looking for to get your requirements filled to participate in the State Events.  
We have 5 Community Team Only Events for teams with rosters of at least 75% of their kids from the same district - NO Major level Travel Teams may participate in these Events - 
North Coast Community Classic - April 30 - May 2
Ohio Community Classic - May 14 - 16
Steel Valley Community Classic - May 29 - 31
North Canton Shootout - June 4 - 6 
Fastballs & Fireworks - June 18 - 20

We have 7 High School Age Events - Ages 15u - 18u beginning with our Game Hat Memorial Day Shootout and going thru the end of July.  These Events will play at College and High School Fields - many which are turf as well as Minor League Parks.  Most of these Events will be Scouted by Future Stars Events / New Balance Scouting Services to get your players spotlighted with Social Media Coverage , Scouting reports and player video moments.

This is year 19 for Team Sports Tournaments and because of you - our loyal customer base -  the success continues -- Thank You !!!!

Welcome to the 5 Tool Fall Classic  -- Sept 19 - 20 

What a beautiful Fall Weekend to play some baseball.  We had a some great games and teams got to show what they have for 2021.  Here are our tournament Champions
9u / 10u  - Wildcat Bombers
11u / 12u - IVL - Boyer
13u _ Brownlee Lookouts - Wade
14u - Ohio Pilots

Welcome to the Nike Hat Shootout -- August 1 - 2 - Youngstown
We didn't have much rain this year but Saturday was definitely an exception.  However the sun returned on Sunday and we had a great finish to our summer schedule.  A huge shout out to all the players , coaches and parents for your support in this most trying year -- Thank You !!

Here are yor Champions --- 
8u - Coach Pitch - Beaver Valley Grey
9u - Ohio Glaciers - Struharik
10u - Ohio SlamForce
11u - Ohio Glaciers - Gabriel
12u - Beaver Valley - Black
13u - Beaver Valley - Black
14u - Ohio Glaciers 13u

Welcome to the Blue Chip Classic -- July 25 - 26 - Canton , Ohio

Another terrific baseball weekend  as the weather continues to be blessed by the Baseball Gods.  Good teams and great games -- Here are your Champions --
9u - Beaver Valley Black
13u - Ohio Spiders


Wecome to the Muddy / Dusty Diamonds Classic - July 18 - 19 --- Youngstown

This event was originally scheduled for April 25-26 of this year but cancelled due to Covid 19.  The Make-up date is this weekend and we did adjust the name hopefully to coincide with the time of year Muddy / Dusty Diamonds Classic.

A hot and steamy weekend brought some fantastic baseball to the Youngstown area.  We had some outstanding teams and we certainly had great games especially on Championship Sunday - Great faciities - Great Teams and Great Baseball.  We Thank everyone for adjusting your schedules to be able to play in this rescheduled event !!  Here are your Champions ---

9u - Jackson Bears - Purple
10u - Steel City
11u - Steel City Select
12u - West Hills
13u - Ohio Elite - Miletti
14u - Beaver Valley - Red


Welcome to the Dusty Diamonds Classic -- July 17 - 19 , 2020 -- Akron / Canton

We had a sweltering weekend for our final High School Event of the Summer Season.  We are extremely grateful for the support we received from all the teams this summer.  In what was the most bizarre year we have had in our 18 years we are thankful that we were able to safely play 6 high school events.  The kids deserved a chance to play and we are were happy that we were able to provide the opportunity for boys to play baseball !!  The Dusty Diamonds was a great event and the baseball was awesome !!  Here are your Champions --- 

14u - Lake Erie Warhawks - McClure
15u - Midwest Stars - Knox
16u - Premier Ohio - Abella
18u - Ohio Longhorns 18u - Anderson


Welcome to the Ohio Community Classic - July 10 - 12 , 2020 -- Akron / Canton

We had a terrific season finale to our Community Teams Event Schedule.  We rescheduled this event from May due to the virus shutdown and boy was it worth the wait.  We had 65 teams able to make the reschedule date and they played some great baseball -- Here are your Champions --

9u - Jackson Bears - Purple
10u - Norton Panthers
11u - Ohio Rebels
12u - Ballistic Baseball
13u - Canon Mac Blaze
14u - Wadsworth Outlaws



Welcome to the Freedom Classic - July 3 - 5 -- Youngstown

We had over 90 teams participate in our inaugural July 4th Freedom Classic in Youngstown - what a great turnout and we Thank everyone who attended !!  We had 3 beautiful baseball days -- didn't look at the radar one time in 3 days.  The tournament produced many great games and and the quality of competiton was outstanding -- here are your Tournament Champions ---

8u Coach Pitch -- Brad Mar Pine
9u - Beaver Valley White
10u - Beaver Valley White
11u - Ohio Glaciers - Gabriel
12u - RBI Redwings
13u - Stark Raiders - Black
14u - Ohio Stallions

Welcome to the Uncle Sam Slam -- Akron / Canton -- July 2-5

What a weekend -- 4 hot and sunny days that produced many close and competitive baseball games all the way to Championship Sunday.  Here are your tournament champions --- 


15u - Smash It Sports
16u - Steel City Select
18u - B2 Bulls

Welcome to the Fastballs & Fireworks Community Classic --- June 26-28 , 2020

A beautiful Sunday to play baseball and boy did we have some great games !!  We played at 3 great facilities and crowned the Fastballs & Fireworks Champions --- here they are --

9U - Green Bulldogs - Black
10U - Louisville Leopards
11U - Wooster Golden Gloves - Black
12U - Wadsworth Outlaws
13U - Wadsworth Outlaws
14U - Kenston Bombers