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Team Sports Tournaments is an Independent Youth Baseball Tournament Host Company located in North East Ohio.  In 2003 Dianthia and Mark Hoisington began hosting baseball tournaments in the Akron area so they could have their sons play competitive baseball events close to home.  From those beginning tournaments in 2003 to now Team Sports has become one of the Top Youth Baseball Tournament Hosts in the State of Ohio as well as the Midwest.  As we begin our 18th year of operation, our mission remains the same as when we started -- Host a Baseball Event that we would want our kids to participate in by providing an enjoyable, but competitive tournament experience for teams of All Competitive Levels -- this includes the Community Team as well as the Major Travel Organization.  When you finish the weekend ( whether you won or lost ) we want you to say our team had a great experience - the tournament was well organized, had timely communication, was played at quality facilities with fair and qualified umpires.  The reputation we at Team Sports Tournaments have gained over the past 18 years has allowed us to attract the top teams in all ages and all divisions from Ohio, the Midwest, East Coast, and Canada - with repeat customers year after year and event after event.  We say Thank You to all of the Teams that have supported our Tournaments in the past, and we look forward to another Great Baseball Season in 2021.


Tournament News

Welcome to the Top Gun World Series - July 22 - 25 , 2021 Akron / Canton

   Congrats to the Champions and thank all teams for partcipating in the 2021 Top Gun World Series1


 15u Diviision:  Champions Premier Ohio Kilbane 

                             Runner Up Premier Ohio J.M. 


17u Diviision: Champions T3 Elite Beck 

                          Runner Up T3 Elite RUA 










Welcome to the 2021 Dusty Diamonds Classic -- July 15 - 18 , 2021 -- Akron / Canton / Cleveland / Lorain county


We had a eventful weekend with the weather but manage to get most of the games in. Great competetion in  both divisions and we were lucky to have such great venues who hosted and got the fields ready for us. We thank all the teams for coming and congrats to the foillowing teams who finished up on top in thier age group.


14u Division:

Champions Brownlee Loookouts 

Runner Up Aramys Baseball


15u Division:

Champions Force Ohio Kampman

Runner Up Ohio Elite 


Welcome to the Jakob Gehring Memorial Wood Bat Tournament -- July 8-11  Akron / Canton

We had a rough two days of weather but we got through it. We thank all of the teams for doing a great job adjusting their schedule to get almost all the games in. Here are the winners and runnerups in each division 

14u Champions : Stark Raiders 
14u Runner Up : Aramys Baseball

15-16u-Champions: Pro Nine 
15-16u Runner Up: Ohio Stallions 
18u Champions: Premier Oh Stoalrski 
18u Runner Up: Ohio Longhorn 


Welcome to the Uncle Sam Slam -- July 1-4 , 2021  --- Akron / Canton

Happy July 4th to all players and families. We have a perfect day for baseball so Good Luck to all teams! 

Some fantastic baseball has been played the past three days and as  expected we had great games today.

Congratulations to the 2021 Uncle Sam Sams Champions and Runners Up.....

14u Champion - Brownlee Lookouts - Mintz 4
14u Runner Up - Aramys 3
15u Champion - Ohio Stallions 9
15u Runner Up - Premier Ohio - Brown 2
16u Champion - Ohio Longhorns _ DeMarino 12
16u Runner Up- NEO Rawlings Tigers 2
18u Champion - Ohio Spikes - Knott 5
18u Runner Up - Andy's Niners 4

Welcome to the Freedom Classic - July 3-5  -- Youngstown

Happy 4th of July to everyone on a great day for baseball! Some very good teams matching up today should make for fantastic games. 

Congratulations to the 2021 Freedom Classic Champions and Runners Up....
10u Champion - Beaver Valley Red 13
10u Runner Up - Sting Elite 12
11u Champion - Beaver Valley Black 6
11u Runner Up - Ohio Slam Force 5
12u Champion - West Hills 2
12u Runner Up - Ohio Glaciers - Pitzulo 1
13u Champion - Beaver Valley Red 19
13u Runner Up - Bethel Park Hawks 0

Welcome to the North Coast Elite - Laurie Mendenhall Memorial -- June 24 - 27 , 2021 - Akron / Canton

Thanks to all teams for playing.  With all the great venues and great competition we want to congratulate the following winners and finalists for a job well done!  

14u Champions : Pittsburgh Diamond Dawgs Gold 11
        Runner Up : Force Ohio 0

15u Champions : Release Baseball 11
        Runner Up : Jackson Purple 1
16u Champions : Ohio Spike 14
        Runner Ups : Longhorn 6
17u Champions : Premier Borgia 6
        Runner Up : Ohio Spikes Knott 5
18u Champions : Release Baseball 12
        Runner Up: Ohio Longhorns 2


Note -- You can find the Schedules on the Schedule / Results page for the North Coast Elite /  Laurie Mendenhall Memorial Tournament - find the tournament name to the left - look to the right of the tournament name and find the Schedule / Results icon. Click on that icon to take you to the Tournament page for Schedules / Results -- find your age group and click there.




Welcome to the Fastballs & Fireworks Tournament -- June 18 - 20 , 2021 - Canton
We were fortunate to dodge the rain all weekend until those Championship Games on Sunday.  We got most of the championship games completed but a few were rained out and we went the higher seed in the final for Champion.  Other than that we had a another great weekend of Community Baseball and we had 55 talented teams play some very competitive games this weekend -- Thanks for your support !!

Congratulations to the 2021 Fastball and Fireworks Champions and Finalists.....
8u Champion - Jackson Bears Gold 14

8u Finalist -     Green Bulldogs Orange 4

9u Champion - #1 Seed Lake Storm

9u Finalist -       #2 Seed Steel Valley Kingfish

10u Champion - Eagles of Holly Hills 9

10u Finalist -      Green Bulldogs Black 5

11u Champion - Jackson Gold 5

11u Finalist -      1848 Dawgs 4

12u Champion - #1 Seed Wadsworth Outlaws

12u Finalist -       #4 Seed 1848 Dawgs

13u Champion - #2 Seed Field Diamond Boys

13u Finalist -       #4 Seed Eagles of Holly Hills

14u Champion - Hudson Explorers Blue 4

14u Finalist -       Gap Shots  0

Thank you to all teams for participating in the One Nation Baseball Ohio State Championships!

We had many very good teams particpate and the competion was fantastic. 


Congratulations to the 2021 One Nation Baseball Ohio State Champions and Runners Up
11u Champion - Nordonia Knights 13
11u Runner Up - Ohio Bombers 5
12u Champion - Mid Ohio Blitz 8
12u Runner Up - T3 Elite Red - 5
14u Champion - Aramys Baseball 9
14u Runner Up - Bay City Scrappers 4
15u Champion -  Premier Ohio - Kilbane 12
15u Runner Up - Aces Elite 1
16u Champion - Diamond Boys Showcase 7
16u Runner Up - Premier Ohio - Winston 6
18u Champion -  Premier Ohio - Hecker 11
18u Runner Up -  Premeire Ohio - Weisniewski 1


Welcome to the Battle in the 330 - June 11-13 , 2021 -- Youngstown - Ages 8u - 14u

***Thanks to everyone for participating in some great baseball. There were many very good games and talented teams in attendance. 

Congratulations to the 2021 Battle in the 330 Champions and Finalists...
9u Champion - Beaver Valley Black 9
9u Finalist -       Beaver Valley White 3
10u Champion - IVL Baseball - White 13
10u Finalist -      Beaver Valley White  5
11u Champion - BHM Buckeyes 18
11u Finalist-       Steel Valley Kingfish 7
12u Champion - Ohio Elite - Scott 12
12u Finalist -      Ohio Glaciers - Gabriel 6
13u Champion - Ohio Elite East 13
13u Finalist -      Astro Falcons 3
14u Champion - Release Baseball  10
14u Finalist -     Brownlee Lookouts - Mintz 3



Welcome to the North Canton Shootout -- Community Teams Event -- June 4-6 , 2021  North Canton

Another Outstanding Community Baseball Tournament @ The North Canton Baseball Complex.  We got to play at a great facility and that seems to bring out the teams and talent as 65 teams competed in 6 age groups. Great weather and very competitive games ... We thank all the teams for your support !!

Congratulations to the 2021 North Canton Shootout Champions and Finalists....
8u Coach Pitch Champion - Wadsworth Grizzlies 21
8u Coach Pitch Finalist Finalist - Poland Dogs 4
9u Champion - Green Bulldogs 14
9u Finalist-        Steel Valley Kingfish 4
10u Champion - Stow Bulldogs 14
10u Finalist -       Legends Baseball 3
11U Champion - North Canton Baseball 13
11u Finalsit -       Hitbillies 3
12u Champion - Dover Tornadoes 15
12u Finalist -      Copley Indians 0
13u Champion - Black Hawk Cougars 10
13u Finalist -      Lake Express 5

Welcome to the Buckeye Classic -- June 4 - 6 , 2021  - Akron / Canton

The Buckeye Classic never fails to disappoint. We started with a little rain on Friday morning but by the end of the weekend it was in the high 80s and great baseball weather.  The weather matched the play of the teams entered this week -- very hot !!!

Congratulations to the 2021 Buckeye Classic Champions and Finalists......
12u Champion - B2 Bulls - Hershey 12
12u Finalsit -      Wooster Golden Gloves 11
13u Champion - Brownlee Lookouts - Wade 13
13U Finalist -      RBI Redwings 5
14u Champion - Brownlee Lookouts - Mintz 4
14u Finalist -      Jackson Purple 1
15u Champion - B2 Bulls 9
15U Finalist - Jackson Purple
16u Champion - NMC Baseball 9
16u Finalist -      Ohio Pilots - King 1
18u Champion - McCandless 2
18u Finalist -  Ohio Glaciers 1


Welcome to the Steel Valley Community Classic -- May 29 - 31 , 2021 -- Youngstown , Ohio
It took a while to get the sun out but once we got started on Sunday boy what a great weekend of baseball

Congratulations to the 2021 Steel Valley Memorial Day Community Classic Champions and Finalists....
9u Champion - Ohio Glaciers - Anderson 9

9u Finalist -      Diamond Boys 3

10u Champion - Howland Tigers 8

10u Finalist -     Eagles of Holly Hills 7

11u Champion - North Canton Vikings 12

11u Finalist -      Lake Express 2

12u Champion - Jackson Bears 10

12u Finalist -      Canfield Cardinals 2

13u Champion - New Philadelphia Black Sox 6

13u Finalist -      Field Diamond Boys 3

Welcome to the Game Hat Memorial Day  Shootout- May 29 - 31 , 2021 - on / Canton / Youngstown

Best of luck to all teams on Championship Monday!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone and please remember all those that have served or are serving our wonderful country!!! 

Congratulations to the 2021 Game Hat Memorial Day Shootout Champions and Finalists....
10u Champion -  IVL Navy 12
10u Finalist -      Ohio Spikes - Harris 5   
11u Champion -  IVL Navy 12
11u Finalist -      Beaver Valley Black 2
12U Champion - Ohio Glaciers - Gabriel 12
12u Finalist - Ballistic Baseball 2
13u Champion - Wayne County Curve 2
13u Finalist -      Midwest Stars 0
14u Champion - Hardcore Elite Black 6
14u Finalist -      Pronine Sidewinders - 5
15u Champion - Diamond Boys Showcase 8
15u Finalist -      Akadema Naturals 0
16u Champion - Premier Ohio - Hanlon 11
16u Finalist -      Ohio Pilots - King 3



Welcome to the 5 Tool Classic -- May 22 - 23 , 2021 -- Canton , Ohio

WOW we certainly had the Summer Weather for this event --- high 80s and dry - Got to love that in May !!  This event certainly brought out the talent - some loaded age groups and great games all weekend ---

Here are the Champions and finalists for the 2021 5-Tool Classic.....
11u Champion - Aces Elite 12

11u Runner up - N. Canton Baseball 4

13u Champion - Brownlee Loookouts - Wade 10

13u Finalist - RBI Redwings 0

14u Champion - Akadema Naturals 7

14u Runner up -  Aramys 3